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Use J.A.R.V.I.S. to tune or remove addons like DPF EGR for Simens/Continental PCR2.1

Ace Tuning files database contain now 114 348 files with many variants.

When you upload file, this is YOUR ACTUAL FILE that you geting back !!! Behind What you see on video Jarvis has analyzed your file, compared to all our OLS database projects and selected for you changes that are possible to apply.

What’s offered to you is dyno tested solution of tuning and tested disabling solution. If you will get no options available most likely file been modified in past or simply wasn’t updated by one of our operators yet. In that case send file to us and retry Jarvis within 15mins.

New ECU's suport beeing added daily. Regurarly up to 100 new software versions daily.

You may think why Jarvis... It looks like its generic files donwload.... Nothing more wrong! FIle that you upload is your actual file you download! We just put our tuning files database in a smart system that allow you save time in this difucult pandemic times and instead of waiting for your file provider and hang around by the car... just get it done yourself within 10 seconds if you have good internet conection and once you get familiar with system.

Stay tuned https://tuningfile.online

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