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1. do diagnostic scan 2. write down codes, clear them, reset dpf data ( program dpf change or force regeneration ) 3. check for codes again 4. note down remaining (with descriptions) and proceed to read the ecu content (clear them if you can) 5. DO NOT START ENGINE IN BETWEEN YOU READ THE FILE AND WRITE NEW FILE FROM US !!! 6. write new file and enjoy job done 7. in some cases (damaged sensors) we may need to manualy delete some remaining dtc's even after module was switched off. Read codes, send them to us and ask for revision.

edit: remember that dpf off or any other OFF solution is actualy for a healthy car. It doesnt (not always) disable all codes that you have in car present since every car can have different damage and different codes flaged. That's why always remember to put all dtc's you have present in order details!


DPF off tuning files

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